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Part III. Management Policies

Last updated 10/1/2019


Every office has a set schedule depending on the business traffic of that facility’s clientele. The office hours of each facility and gate hours must be posted visibly in two places. (If you do not have two signs, please let your regional manager know.)

Every manager must arrive and leave at the scheduled time and be in the office during posted hours. (We don't have clock watchers on our team!)

Tardiness or schedule deviations: Arriving late or leaving early on more than 5 occasions will be documented and may be reviewed as a policy violation.


  • Managers are majority compensated based on performance bonuses--you control how much you earn!

  • We are closed on all major holidays, so managers can spend time with their families.

  • After one year of service, open eligibility for PTO, wellness benefits, and more.

  • Seasonal bonus opportunities to increase income

  • Control over work environment

  • Good hours, flexible schedule and work environment


During days longer than 8 hours, every manager must take an hour lunch break (unpaid). For shifts 6 hours or more, every manager may take a 15 minute (paid) break.

Breaks are defined as any time the manager is not 1) present in the office and/or 2) not doing business-related tasks.


While you will spend most of your work days as a sole associate, it is important to remember that you are not alone. You will deal with many solicitors and vendors, as well as people hoping to get information about the company. Tell solicitors that you can take their contact information and pass it on, and stress that you are not the decision-maker.

NEVER give out information about the company or contact information for your team members. If they are persistent, take their information and hang up.

The operations officer is your direct contact if any emergency situation arises that may need the attention of the board members or owners.


Every manager is compensated a base salary + bonus income that is performance based. Additional bonus opportunities for outstanding performance. Compensation packages may change or vary based on experience, facility changes or management changes but they will be presented for the manager's approval.

Every manager or contractor will be presented a compensation package outlining all details for review and approval.


Since you are the first impression a client will have, a clean, tidy and professional appearance is required. Clothing must be free of tears and stains, without inappropriate content and appropriate for a workplace. Tank tops, short skirts, wife-beaters are some examples of inappropriate work wear. Business casual attire is acceptable.

For safety reasons, managers must always wear closed toe shoes while working outside or performing any duties away from their desk. Managers may choose to leave workwear at the office for these situations.


Firearms are permitted on the property so long as the owner has the proper licensure and firearm is registered. Managers are permitted to have their firearm as long as they have the proper licensure.


All offices are closed on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day*


Mother's Day

Father's Day

Independence Day*

Labor Day*

Veteran’s Day


Christmas Eve*


New Year’s Eve

*Paid Holidays for managers with one year of service in good standing that month.


Employee safety is first and foremost. Do not engage in hazardous activities and use your best judgement. If a task requires two people, please wait for assistance.

Safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, respirator masks and gas masks are provided at every facility to be used while cleaning units and other tasks. These items MUST BE USED.

In the event that you feel unsafe from a client, please contact another manager to call you away or relieve you. Always put your safety first. Leave the facility or call the authorities if necessary.


NO SMOKING is allowed in the office.

If a manager needs to smoke, please do so out of sight of the office and please dispose of any cigarettes in the trash since we discourage customers from smoking on the property and leaving cigarette butts everywhere.


Every manager must check in according to scheduled hours, you may check in 2 minutes prior and check out 5 minutes after scheduled times. Any errors will need to be submitted to your regional manager. Excessive errors will be reviewed and may be evaluated.


The company has a zero tolerance policy for theft. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and immediately terminated from further services.


New Year’s Day*

Independence Day*

Labor Day*


Christmas Eve*


All managers with a year of service are eligible for paid holidays. If a policy violation is issued in the same month as a paid holiday, the manager forfeits that privilege for that month.


  1. After one 1 year of service, every manager receives five (5) days or a week of paid time off every fiscal year. (PTO will be prorated for the first year if necessary.) The hours or days you choose will reflect your facility's normal weekly operating hours or normal working hours.

  2. These hours may be used at your discretion, for vacation or sick time. For vacations, please submit minimum notice of thirty (30) days. If vacation time is scheduled for the same dates and coverage is limited, vacation time will be granted on the basis of the seniority of the manager.


  1. Excused absences are defined as unexpected emergency time away (family emergencies, hard to schedule doctor's appointments, etc.) from work, but a regional manager is notified at least three (3) days in advance.

  2. Must submit a request on the timeclock app or website to be approved and inform regional manager in writing to be considered an excused absence.

  3. Every manager may request up to five (5) excused absences a year. More than 5 excused absences will be deducted from any existing PTO bank, unless absences are approved by a regional manager due to extenuating circumstances and another manager can be arranged to cover duties.

  4. If the manager cannot answer calls for that period, please have the calls transferred to another facility. If the covering manager secures a rental, they will receive the bonus for that rental.


Call offs are defined as unscheduled absences from work. More than 5 call offs in a rolling 12 month period constitutes a policy violation. Call offs will be documented on a shared file for reference. Every call off after 6 will be evaluated as a policy violation. (Please see "Policy Violations" section for more information about the consequences of multiple call-offs.) Exceptions: In the event of a disaster or personal emergency, call offs will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the regional manager or operations officer. Uncovered absences are grounds for immediate termination. You must always notify your supervising manager.

In the event you need to call off due to an emergency, you must:

Immediately inform your regional manager in writing, via text. If you cannot take calls that day, please have the calls transferred to another facility.


  1. Any policy violations will be reported to upper management and discussed as a group.

  2. A report will be issued after each policy violation, and any issues will be discussed and remedied. Unless it is an extreme offense, a 30, 60 and/or 90 day plan will be implemented and further evaluation will be needed.A may be issued if a potential policy violation is imminent.

  3. Any policy violation will negatively impact the Total Monthly Bonus (across all bonus categories) for the month of occurrence, and any subsequent violations will compound. See below:

1st violation: 5% deduction of Total Monthly Bonus
  • 2nd violation: 15% deduction of Total Monthly Bonus

  • 3rd violation: termination of business relationship or 25% of Total Monthly Bonus (case review by operations officer, regional manager and supervising manager)

  • 4th violation: termination of business relationship

Please comment your name + facility to acknowledge that you have completed reading and understand this section.

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