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Part II. Operations Policies

Last updated 10/1/2019


Any cash payments must be taken to the bank daily. For the safety of our employees and to minimize any risks, we do not keep cash on the premises overnight other than a small amount of petty cash for change.

Checking, debit and credit card payments and information is stored within the software only.

Any accounting discrepancies will be immediately brought to the attention of both your supervising manager.

If there is an discrepancy involving a customer, such as a customer saying they made a payment but we have no record of such payment, follow these steps:
  1. Ask them EXACTLY how they made the payment. (You'd be amazed at how quickly some stories fall apart here.)

  2. Always tell the customer that we will look into it (do NOT insist that you are correct, even if you know you are).

  3. Ask them to bring proof of their payment (credit card statement or bank statement for checks or a receipt for cash). WE ALWAYS GIVE A PAPER & EMAIL RECEIPT for cash payments.


At the end of every work day, a close of day must be completed. Every manager will be trained to complete this process.

If there have been no cash payments OR less than 5 checks for the day, the close of day can be delayed until the next business day or until requirements are met.

Your bank deposit slip must match the close of day statement (physical total) generated by the software. If there is a small discrepancy, document the reason in “notes” on the close day page. Petty change must be counted each day and logged in the software as well as a paper log. Discrepancies will be investigated. COMMUNICATION

Email: The manager at each facility is responsible for checking their assigned email for any communications from customers and upper management daily. Each facility has a sheet with all the login information pertinent to that facility. Access information will be given during training and orientation.

Management software messages: The manager is responsible for checking SMS messages in the software system each day to ensure timely response to any questions from customers.

Text / Calls: Manager is responsible for a timely response to every customer inquiry via phone or text.

CUSTOMER CALLS Managers will recieve customer calls to the office cell phone.

Phone calls must be answered within 3 rings, unless extenuating circumstances exist.

If you miss a call, please contact that person as soon as possible. Potential customers who call for information will keep calling others until their needs are met. Follow the customer call scripts and checklists to handle all phone calls. CUSTOMER INFORMATION & PRIVACY Customer information is private. Except in the case of law enforcement situations, we do not disclose the names of our tenants, their units, or any other information we may be privy to.Information such as a unit #s, gate codes, can only be disclosed to the client (the name on the lease agreement).



Stand up to greet customers or meet them at the door.
Smile, introduce yourself and your role.
In the event of a customer dispute, excuse yourself by stating you must consult a higher authority. Do not make any promises other than you will be in contact with more information on how to proceed.


All company property must stay on the facility grounds. This includes, but is not limited to: golf carts, lawn care equipment, etc.

Company owned equipment and supplies must be used for business purposes ONLY. Any exceptions must be approved and documented by your supervising manager.

Every facility will have a comprehensive inventory list that will include:

  • Unit cleaning supplies: commercial brooms, heavy duty dust pan, trash picker tool, trash buckets, etc.

  • Electronics: HP Touchscreen Chromebook, HP Printer, Netgear Wireless Router

  • Unit supplies: Disc overlocks, Red lock key, Lockbox keys

  • Tools: Utility tub/basket, Tool kit (screwdrivers, tape measure, utility knife, etc.)

  • Security: Wired security cameras & DVR, Television, Solar power security lights, LED security lights, Wyze cameras

  • Office supplies: Annual supply of printer ink and paper, scissors, staplers, paper clips, stickers, etc.

  • Cleaning supplies: cleaning wipes, toilet cleaner, brushes, etc.

  • Unit maintenance supplies: door springs, latches, weather strips, etc.


Paper files: Customers with units prior to 2018 will have most likely have a paper file containing leases and receipts. The files are stored in a designated location in the office and must never leave the premises.

Electronic files: All other customer information is stored solely in the management software.


Firearms are permitted on the property so long as the owner has the proper licensure and firearm is registered. Managers are permitted to have their firearm as long as they have the proper licensure.

KEYS Office Keys: Facility managers will have keys to the office. In the event that the keys are lost, managers must report the loss to their supervising manager immediately and set a course of action. Emergency or extra keys will be located on each site in a lockbox. Business Keys: Keys to the company storage units are kept in the office at all times at the designated location. Unless in use, the keys to company vehicle or golf carts must be accounted for and kept in the office at all times at the designated location. Keys for locks to empty units must be kept in the office unless being used and accounted for daily. SUPPLIES INVENTORY Supplies such as locks, moving boxes, etc. will be counted by the regional manager. It should match the software amount. Discrepancies will be investigated. OFFICE SUPPLIES INVENTORY Office supplies are ordered at the beginning of each calendar year. Basic supplies (paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc.) as well as storage maintenance supplies (springs, brackets, doors, spring spray, etc.) for the calendar year are stored in the designated areas. The supervising manager is responsible for re-stocking and ordering the basic supplies. Only supervising managers are authorized to make purchases. In the event that supplies go missing or additional supplies are needed, contact your supervising manager. HOLIDAYS All offices are closed on the following holidays:New Year’s Day*EasterMother's DayFather's DayIndependence Day*Labor Day*Veteran’s DayThanksgiving*Christmas Eve*Christmas*New Year’s Eve*Paid Holidays for managers with one year of service in good standing that month. PAYMENTS Payments, regardless of type, must immediately be entered into the software. This is the most IMPORTANT step, because if you forget, nothing will make a customer angrier than a locked out unit because they haven’t “paid”, when they already did.

For cash payments: ALWAYS write or print a receipt and email a receipt.

For large payments, we always do a “double record”:For large cash payments over $200, write a note in the account.

For credit card payments over $150, make sure to print the receipt and have them sign it. Scan the signed receipt into their files on the software and give them the receipt.

PETS No pets are allowed in the office area but are permitted on the grounds.

Due to pest control applications, please use caution when allowing pets to roam freely.

RENTALS A manager’s primary responsibility is to acquire new rentals and ensure units are in the best condition to be rented. Managers will undergo sales training. RENTAL AGREEMENT The rental agreement is a vital piece of the storage process. It helps to outline the relationship between the business and the renter. For this reason, a lease MUST BE signed for every unit rental with no exceptions. Because the lease agreement covers the finer details and policies involved with renting a unit, every manager should be familiar with the lease agreement and be able to answer any questions a customer might have. An easy to read summary of policies is also provided as a quick guide for customers to read and sign. SAFETYEmployee safety is first and foremost. Do not engage in hazardous activities and use your best judgement. If a task requires two people, please wait for assistance. Safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, respirator masks and gas masks are provided at every facility to be used while cleaning units and other tasks. These items MUST BE USED. SMOKING NO SMOKING is allowed in the office. If a manager needs to smoke, please do so out of sight of the office and please dispose of any cigarettes in the trash since we discourage customers from smoking on the property and leaving cigarette butts everywhere. TIME CLOCK Every manager must check in according to scheduled hours, you may check in 2 minutes prior and check out 5 minutes after scheduled times. Any errors will need to be submitted to your regional manager. Excessive errors will be reviewed and may be evaluated. THEFT The company has a zero tolerance policy for theft. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and immediately terminated from further services. PAID HOLIDAYS New Year’s Day*Independence Day*Labor Day*Thanksgiving*Christmas Eve*Christmas* All managers with a year of service are eligible for paid holidays. If a policy violation is issued in the same month as a paid holiday, the manager forfeits that privilege for that month. PAID TIME OFF

After one 1 year of service, every manager receives five (5) days or a week of paid time off every fiscal year. (PTO will be prorated for the first year if necessary.) The hours or days you choose will reflect your facility's normal weekly operating hours or normal working hours.

These hours may be used at your discretion, for vacation or sick time. For vacations, please submit minimum notice of thirty (30) days. If vacation time is scheduled for the same dates and coverage is limited, vacation time will be granted on the basis of the seniority of the manager.


Excused absences are defined as unexpected emergency time away (family emergencies, hard to schedule doctor's appointments, etc.) from work, but a regional manager is notified at least three (3) days in advance.

Must submit a request on the timeclock app or website to be approved and inform regional manager in writing to be considered an excused absence.

Every manager may request up to five (5) excused absences a year. More than 5 excused absences will be deducted from any existing PTO bank, unless absences are approved by a regional manager due to extenuating circumstances and another manager can be arranged to cover duties.

If the manager cannot answer calls for that period, please have the calls transferred to another facility. If the covering manager secures a rental, they will receive the bonus for that rental.

CALL OFFS Call offs are defined as unscheduled absences from work. More than 5 call offs in a rolling 12 month period constitutes a policy violation. Call offs will be documented on a shared file for reference. Every call off after 6 will be evaluated as a policy violation. (Please see "Policy Violations" section for more information about the consequences of multiple call-offs.) Exceptions: In the event of a disaster or personal emergency, call offs will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the regional manager or operations officer. Uncovered absences are grounds for immediate termination. You must always notify your supervising manager. In the event you need to call off due to an emergency, you must:

Immediately inform your regional manager in writing, via text. If you cannot take calls that day, please have the calls transferred to another facility.


Any policy violations will be discussed as a group.

A report will be issued after each policy violation, and any issues will be discussed and remedied. Unless it is an extreme offense, a 30, 60 and/or 90 day plan will be implemented and further evaluation will be needed.A may be issued if a potential policy violation is imminent.

Any policy violation will negatively impact the Total Monthly Bonus (across all bonus categories) for the month of occurrence, and any subsequent violations will compound. See below:

1st violation: 5% deduction of Total Monthly Bonus

2nd violation: 15% deduction of Total Monthly Bonus

3rd violation: termination of business relationship or 25% of Total Monthly Bonus (case review by operations officer, regional manager and supervising manager)

4th violation: termination of business relationship

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